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Comparison of CBAY Transcription Services, Inc. with other services

Other Services
CBTSI Standard
CBTSI Premium
Voice Capture (Recorder or Phone)
iPhone / iPad Recorder App
Transcribed Report
Custom Format
Word format
Document Management System
Print (Batch)
Fax (Batch/ Auto)
E-Signature (Batch)
Delivery into EMR
Demographic interface
Report Tracking
Document History
HIPAA Compliant
Voice Recognition
Voice Recognition with Editing
Meaningful Use Assistance
Stat Options (4, 8 or 12 hours)

A side by side comparison between M*Modal Fluency Direct for Practices and Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Take a look and see which is right for you.

 Fluency Direct for PracticesDragon Medical Practice Edition
The #1 Rated Speech Recognition for Healthcare:
Speech Profile Stored in the Cloud:
Integrates with EHRs:
Use the Software on Unlimited Number of PCs:

( Limited to 4 )
Requires 300MB or Less on PC:

( Up to 4GB )
Easy-to-Use Drag and Drop Template Editor:
Includes a Free Olympus Microphone:

( $249.99 More )
Offers Free iOS and Android Microphone App:
Free Install Assistance by Telephone:
3 Year Software, Microphone & Support Cost:

*All pricing and policy are based upon purchasing Fluency Direct for Practices and purchasing Dragon from Nuance.

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Our References

Our references include many top Practices, Universities, Medical centers, Hospitals & Thousands of dictating physicians.

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