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Voice Recognition

If immediate turnaround time is essential for your specialty then this solution will increase accuracy and productivity while reducing costs. The Real Time Solution provides reports that are derived instantaneously, appearing on your screen as you dictate. Documents and health care records are received complete and ready for electronic signature, and can be integrated into the hospital or facility Health Information System (HIS). With The Real Time Solution, reports are generated and completed as they are dictated, and ready to be distributed to appropriate medical specialists and accounting personnel almost instantaneously.
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The Technology Leader in Medical Transcription

Fluency Direct for Practices

Better Documentation Improve the quality, speed and accuracy of clinical documentation.
Time Savings Reduce time spent documenting and increase time spent providing care.
Swift ROI Eliminate the cost and delay of transcription and qualify for higher reimbursement.
Meaningful Use Increase EHR adoption and utilization to meet Meaningful Use standards.
Better Efficiency Enhance efficiency and preserve workflows.
Trusted Names Leverage the experience of Olympus and M*Modal – two leading names in medical dictation.
Compatible with hundreds of EHR systems
Cloud-hosted speech profile
Accessible from home and office
Includes a $299 Olympus RM-4010P microphone
Supports HIPAA patient confidentiality guidelines
All medical specialties covered
Works with Microsoft Word
Minimum Operating Environment: Windows 7, 4 GB RAM, 4 Core CPU, USB Port, Internet Access

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Our references include many top Practices, Universities, Medical centers, Hospitals & Thousands of dictating physicians.

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