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How do I get started?

Email us your contact details and needs and we will get back with you within 24 hours to get things set up so you can start dictating right away.

How are lines counted in a report?

A billable line consists of 65 characters/keystrokes, including spaces and carriage returns. Line count is calculated by dividing the total number of characters in a report by 65.

Is there a setup fee or any monthly minimums?

No. There are no fees for getting started, and there are no monthly minimums. We only invoice you for services rendered.

How can I reach you if I need help?

We’re here for you whenever you need us.  You can email our Customer Support desk at

How complex is switching to CBAY Transcription Services, Inc.?

You can get started in just a few minutes with no setup fees or minimums and its risk free. Our solutions are designed with the needs of both office managers and providers in mind. Once you’re set up to dictate, we have a dedicated Customer Support team available to take your call anytime as you get ramped up.

How do I dictate?

You can dictate with a provided Toll Free telephone number with a touch tone phone, via iPhone/ Android App or upload voice files from a compatible digital recorder.

How do I use my iPhone to dictate?

Using your iPhone is the best way to record & submit dictations. Simply email us to get set up FREE of charge. and our technical team will assist you.

Can I dictate more than one report in a single call?

You can make as many dictations as you want in one single call. On the Toll Free telephone line, simply follow the provided instructions.

How are transcriptions delivered to me?

Through our HIPAA compliant cloud based Practice Management System. However you can also choose how you’d like to receive transcripts. They can be faxed directly to your office in the morning, downloaded from our secure online site, or posted directly into your EHR. If you dictate referring physicians or a facility, we’ll automatically fax a copy to them as well.

Can I edit transcribed reports?

Yes, you can edit your reports online any time with our software. We maintain all versions of your transcripts, in case you need to refer back to an older copy.

Can you use my custom report templates?

We can take any template format in Microsoft Word and utilize it to create your reports. You are not limited to a single logo and a few lines of custom text in the header. Just send a few sample reports and we’ll take care of the rest.

What is a report template?

Report templates are the layout and content of a particular report type. You can have an unlimited number of templates with your choice of layout. While dictating simply specify the template that you prefer to transcribe into.

How secure are my documents?

We follow industry best practices in networking and data storage to ensure the security of your patient records during transmission, transcription and storage. We annually review our internal processes and employees go through HIPAA training to make sure we are safeguarding your PHI appropriately.

How long are my reports archived?

We retain seven year’s of reports online. Reports older than that can be requested from our offline archive and are typically shipped or securely emailed by the next business day.

Can I review my account status?

Your account statements, invoices and payment information are available online.